Quintia Qarase

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Quintia Qarase

Quidditch player, Beater for Fiji’s National Team (2014).

A participant in the Quidditch World Cup 2014 tournament, Qarase was deemed to "lack the ferocity" of the Nigerian Beaters, Aliko Okoye and Mercy Ojukwu. The Fijians lost by 400 points to 160 (Pm).

Other canon notes and references

Since Viktor Krum, born 1976, was the oldest player at the tournament (Pm), Qarase must have been born after 1976.



Quintia is a Latin girl's name meaning the fifth daughter or a child born in the fifth month (Baby Namespedia).
Qarase is the surname of Laisenia Qarase, a former Prime Minister of Fiji.

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