Tutshill Tornados lead the British and Irish Quidditch League

"I've supported them since I was six...."
-- Cho Chang (OP12)

Tutshill Tornados lead the British and Irish Quidditch League

Ron Weasley, who supports the Chudley Cannons, accuses Cho Chang of being one of Tutshill Tornados fans to have only begun following the team since they started winning. Cho coolly answers that she has been a fan since childhood. Hermione Granger starts arguing with Ron afterwards, accusing him of being “tactless”. Ron points out that the Tornados had recently gained fans who were just “jumping on the bandwagon” (OP12).

Cho later refers to Ron as “the Tornados hater” (OP14).

Timeline Notes

This encounter takes place on the first day of classes in the Autumn term - while Harry, Ron and Hermione are moving between History of Magic and double Potions on a Monday morning (OP12).



The issue of The Quibbler that Harry Potter borrows from Luna Lovegood in the train to Hogwarts accuses the Tornados of using "a combination of blackmail, illegal broom-tampering and torture" to win the League (OP10). This may be just a typical mad Quibbler article, but Quidditch teams are not known for always playing "cleanly"....

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