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Newt Scamander’s shed

A work space inside Newt Scamander’s case that doubled as a menagerie office and a home-away-from-home during his travels in the 1920s. Reached by stairs leading down into Newt’s brown suitcase, a door on one side led to the zoo-like habitats for magical creatures.

  • Contained objects for working with Newt's creatures such as ropes, nets, and tropical gear, medicines, and animal feed (WFT).
  • Also functions as a bedroom and a writing study with a camp bed, a typewriter, notes, a "medieval bestiary" reference book, maps, and photographs (WFT).



Newt's case seems to be expanded by an Undetectable Extension Charm, much like Hermione's beaded handbag that "echoed like a cargo hold" because she carried half the library, clothing and food for three people, plus the portrait of Phineas Nigellus (DH9), or the Fake Moody's seven-lock trunk in which he kept the real Moody hostage in an underground pit (GF35).

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