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" ... the world’s largest kelpie continues to evade capture in Loch Ness and appears to have developed a positive thirst for publicity."
-- Newt Scamander (FB)


The Kelpie is a carnivorous, shape-shifting water creature, which often takes the shape of a horse (FB)

  •  Lockhart once gave Hagrid unsolicited advice on how to get kelpies out of a well (CS7).
  • The world's biggest and most famous kelpie is the Loch Ness Monster, which is known to give Wizarding authorities some trouble because of it tends to be a bit of a show-off (DP1).
  • Will lure victims onto its back before swimming to the bottom of the river or lake it is residing in and devouring them. (FB)
  • To overcome a Kelpie, one must place a bridle over its head with a Placement Charm. (FB)
  • Muggle-repelling charms will not work with a Kelpie because it is drawn to humans (FB).
  • Mr. Ollivander had a request once for a "substandard" wandcore made from the "mane of a kelpie a witch had once met on holiday in Scotland" (Pm).



1747, Scottish, of unknown origin, perhaps related to Gaelic colpach "heifer, steer, colt;" colpa "cow, horse."


In Celtic folklore, the kelpie is a shape-shifting horse which haunts the lochs and rivers. A kelpie looks like a lost pony with a perpetually dripping mane. According to some legends, the kelpie will lure humans into the water to kill and eat them. (The Lexicon page 172).

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