Albus Dumbledore, one of the greatest wizards of the modern era, is born to Kendra and Percival Dumbledore in the village of Mould-on-the-Wold (DH2, DH11). Read More
The Department of Magical Games and Sports introduces a new rule that only one Chaser at a time may be within the scoring area. This new rule provokes a strong response from fans who loved seeing opposing Keepers roughed up. The Ministry representative announces the rule this way:… Read More
When Ariana Dumbledore was six years old, three muggle boys saw her doing underage magic.  They demanded she show them what she was doing, and when she couldn’t, they attacked her.  The event traumatized her, and led to the unraveling of the Dumbledore family. Read More
Doge contracts the disease shortly before starting his first year at Hogwarts. He has recovered by the time he arrives at school, but his skin is still green and the typical pockmarks are very obvious. Most students avoid him with the exception of Albus Dumbledore, who becomes one of his… Read More
Newt grows up to be a famous Magizoologist and author of the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Read More
She is trapped in 1402 for a couple of days. When the Ministry researchers manage to retrieve her, her body ages centuries on her return and she dies shortly thereafter in St Mungos. The effects of her disruption of the time stream are severe. Twenty-five people in the present simply… Read More
Ariana Dumbledore’s out-of-control magic accidentally killed Kendra Dumbledore during “one of [Ariana’s] rages,” when Ariana was only fourteen. (DH28)  This happened right after Albus Dumbledore graduated from Hogwarts, and led to Albus becoming Ariana’s primary caretaker, in lieu of his plans to do a world tour with Elphias Doge. Read More
Angry that his brother is neglecting their fragile sister for his new friend, Aberforth confronts Albus and Grindelwald about their plans to leave Godric’s Hollow and make their mark on the world. Grindelwald tells Aberforth he just doesn’t understand, and then uses the Cruciatus Curse on the younger boy. Then a… Read More
Ariana Dumbledore, sister of Albus and Aberforth, met her accidental death during a three-way duel between the brothers and Gellert Grindelwald (DH35). According to an interview given to Rita Skeeter by Bathilda Bagshot, the brothers had a “dreadful coffin-side brawl” during the funeral in which Aberforth bloodied Albus’s nose,… Read More
Following the 1892 Sasquatch uprising, MACUSA moved its headquarters from Washington to the newly built Woolworth Building in New York City (Pm). When the building was under construction, wizards joined the construction crew. Thanks to these undercover wizards, the Woolworth building was not only a building for No-Majs, it also… Read More
The Tutshill Tornados Quidditch team were dominant over the British and Irish Quidditch League in the early 1900s and had a record-breaking five consecutive League Cup wins. They were captained to all five by their famous Seeker, Roderick Plumpton (QA7). Read More
Spavin is the Minister for Magic and had been for almost forty years. He is 145 years old at this point and his behavior is becoming a little erratic. He attends the funeral dressed in an admiral’s hat and spats. The Wizengamot decides after that incident that he should retire,… Read More
Newt Scamander leaves Hogwarts under a cloud, having been accused of endangering students. Albus Dumbledore, then a teacher at Hogwarts, argued against his expulsion (WFT). Soon after, Newt begins working for the Ministry of Magic (FB). Read More
World War I was a vast military conflict fought between the Allies, a group of nations including Britain, France, and the United States, and the Central Powers, which consisted principally of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The war originated in Europe due to a web of alliances and treaties which drew in… Read More
She is born to Cygnus and Violetta (Bulstrode) Black. She has two older brothers, Pollux and Marius, and later gets a younger sister, Dorea (BFT). Read More
The Muggle man would go on to serve in World War II and then work as the gardener for the Riddle House until his murder by Lord Voldemort (GF1). Read More
Marius is the third child of Cygnus and Violetta Black. Over the following years, it is discovered that the poor child is a Squib. How he fares within is immediate family is unknown, but as far as his niece Walburga is concerned, he was a complete disgrace. Years later she… Read More
Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books commissions the young Newt Scamander to write a guide of magical beasts. The result is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, first published in 1927, a book which has been an approved Hogwarts textbook ever since and gone into 52 editions. Scamander takes at the opportunity… Read More
Roderick Plumpton of the Tutshill Tornados makes the fastest-ever capture of a Snitch in 1921 – only three and a half seconds – in a match against the Caerphilly Catapaults. He casually swerved just after the start of the match and the Snitch flew right up… Read More
Ogden is investigating an attack on a Muggle by Morfin Gaunt late the previous evening. In the yard outside the hovel, Ogden is attacked by Morfin, then he encounters the irate Marvolo Gaunt who, along with his son Morfin, refuse to admit Morfin has done anything wrong, either in attacking the… Read More
Merope Gaunt liked to wait by the window for a glimpse of handsome Tom Riddle Sr., a rich Muggle boy. Morfin Gaunt, Merope’s brother, mocked her for it and late one night he caught her at it. Just for spite, he hit Tom Riddle Sr. with a Hives Jinx. This… Read More
Fifteen minutes after fleeing from Morfin Gaunt’s attack on him (for physically restraining Morfin from attacking Merope) and apparating back to the Ministry of Magic, Bob Ogden returns to the Gaunt cottage – this time with reinforcements who succeeded in overpowering the Gaunt men, although several are injured by Marvolo. Read More
c. December 1925 –  Merope Gaunt, besotted as she is with the handsome Muggle who rides his horse near her miserable hovel, somehow hoodwinks him into marrying her. Most likely, she does so by giving him a love potion. Read More
In 1926, the Ollerton brothers’ first broom, the Cleansweep One, revolutionizes the game of Quidditch. The Cleansweep Broom Company continues to produce top quality racing brooms for the next few decades (QA9). Read More
Five Aurors attempt to capture Gellert Grindelwald at his remote, derelict chateau, possibly somewhere in Switzerland. The five approach the chateau only to be blasted by a “sudden explosion of pure white light” that throws them back and appears to have killed them. From this confrontation, Grindelwald travels to the United… Read More
Shortly after Mrs. Cole takes the job at the London orphanage, Merope Gaunt appears on the doorstep on a snowy New Year’s Eve, gives birth to a baby boy, then dies within an hour. Cole was a teenager at the time. Read More
Newt Scamander walks off the ship and goes through customs, then walks through Manhattan, taking in the sights. As he walks near a bank, a niffler escapes from his case and runs into the bank. Newt follows and, in the process of retrieving the niffler, meets a Muggle named… Read More
Tina Goldstein arrests Newt Scamander after he uses various spells in the presence of Jacob Kolwalski and fails to Obliviate him — and nearly loses a niffler in the process. No one at MACUSA will listen to her report except Percival Graves, who come down to her tiny office to… Read More
Newt and Jacob follow the trail of destruction left behind by the Erumpent into the Central Park Zoo, where they manage to distract it from trying to mate with a very frightened hippo. The Erumpent turns its attention toward Newt, who performs a very interesting mating dance, but then discovers… Read More
Merope Gaunt arrives at the orphanage in the evening, destitute and near death. She had no will to live and has forsworn magic after being abandoned by her Muggle husband, Tom Riddle, whom she had tricked into wedlock with a love potion. Shortly after arriving, she gives birth to a boy… Read More
Eight years after the book was commissioned and Newt Scamander started travelling the world in search of magical creatures, Obscurus Books publishes the guide. Fifty-two editions of the book have now been published as of the late 1990s, and it has been an approved textbook at Hogwarts since its original… Read More
Armando Dippet is the Headmaster at this time. Albus Dumbledore’s career as a teacher lasts for several decades, starting in the 1920s. In 1927, he is reassigned from teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts to teaching Transfiguration after he angers the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. He eventually becomes the… Read More
He returns after a three-year sentence to find both his father, Marvolo and sister, Merope, dead. He lives alone in the Gaunt house for many years, until Tom Riddle returns and frames him for murdering the Riddle family. (HBP10)… Read More
The Comet Trading Company’s first broom model is the Comet 140, which is equipped with the patented Horton-Keitch Braking Charm. Horton and Keitch had been teammates with the Falmouth Falcons Quidditch team and developed their brooms in direct competition to Cleansweep’s broom… Read More
He is the son of Arcturus Black and Melania Black nee McMillan. He has an older sister, Lucretia. (BFT)… Read More
Although the book is published anonymously, the author is widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott. The book sparks controversy in the wizarding community when it specifies the so-called “Sacred Twenty-Eight,” a list of the most “pure” of the pure-blood families. Read More
This improved second model of Cleansweep was brought out in 1934, as a response to competition from rival Comet racing brooms. It was replaced by the Cleansweep 3 a few years later (QA9). Read More
Her father, Robert McGonagall, is a Muggle and a Presbyterian minister. Her mother, Isobel McGonagall, is a witch. They name her after Isobel’s grandmother, who was a skilled witch (Pm). Read More
The Cleansweep 3 was released quite soon after the Cleansweep 2, just three years later in 1937. The competition for the racing broom market with the Comet Trading Company’s brooms meant that The Cleansweep Broom Company needed to innovate quickly in response (QA9). Read More
On a summer visit to the seashore with the children from the orphanage, Tom Riddle coerces two of the other kids, Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop, to go with him into a cave. The two other children, according to Mrs. Cole, were never the same after. Tom said only that… Read More
The Comet 180 was released in 1938 by the Comet Trading Company, the second Comet broom to appear on the market. The broom came out as a response to the previous year’s Cleansweep Three broom (QA9). Read More
August, 1938: After charming the skeptical matron with magic, manners, and gin, Dumbledore meets Riddle in his room and reveals that the boy is a wizard and invites him to Hogwarts. Tom Riddle proves himself to be a bossy, hostile, independent, and calculating child who terrifies and torments the other… Read More
He “had a hard war,” according to the barkeep at the pub in Little Hangleton. He was wounded and walks with a limp. He takes up as gardener for the Riddles and avoids people for the most part, disliking noisy, crowded places since he came back from the war (… Read More
His mother having abandoned them years earlier, Hagrid is essentially orphaned upon his father’s death (GF23). Read More
Tom Riddle Jr. came looking for his maternal family in Little Hangleton and discovered a disheveled Morfin in the filthy Gaunt hovel. He learned of the history of his mother and father, then Stupefied Morfin. He went across to the Riddle house, murdered his… Read More
Hagrid has been raising the baby Acromantula in a cupboard in the Hogwarts dungeons, but his arrangement is revealed to the teachers by Tom Riddle, suggesting to them that the Acromantula was responsible for the death of Myrtle Warren. Hagrid is expelled from Hogwarts for supposedly causing the death of… Read More
The threat posed by Grindelwald and his plans for world domination become so dire that the Wizarding world clamors for Dumbledore to intervene. It is only when he has no choice that Dumbledore finally confronts his old friend in an epic duel. In the end, Dumbledore wins the duel and takes… Read More
Merrythought has been the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for fifty years. Her impending retirement becomes known to Tom Riddle, who asks Headmaster Dippet for the position upon leaving school. Read More
The global conflict, in which Frank Bryce fought and was injured, ends when Japan surrenders after atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagaski. The official date of the end of the war is September 2, 1945, when the document of surrender is signed aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo… Read More