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Memorial to the Witches of Salem



In the film itself, the memorial takes the form of statues of the murdered witches, larger than life, standing in the center of the atrium. The statues were created by Bryn Court.

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  • Kathryn Rutkowski

    I understand that Harry Potter is a work of fiction but being from Salem I find it very upsetting that they are now claiming on Pottermore and the New Fantastic Beasts movies that some of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials were actually witches. I have worked at the home of one of the victims of the Witch Trials and we have been trying to dispel the myth that these innocent people were actually witches, and for centuries so have many historians. By claiming that a few of the innocents killed actually were witches has wreaked havoc already on our ability to educate people on the truth. People have actually begun to ask which people were actual witches and who the statue in the MACUSA represents, and I sincerely hope for the respect of decedents of those wrongly murdered in 1692 that they never put names to the statues in the MACUSA. The fact that the Witch Trials is mentioned at all in this new movie has already set back our mission to clear the names of the innocent lives lost in 1692.

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