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Complete, detailed, and amazing Reader's Guides
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Chapter Twenty-Two:
The Unexpected Task

Synopsis by William Silvester
Notes and links by Michele L. Worley

U.S. hardcover edition: pages 385 - 402
U.K. hardcover edition: pages 336 - 350
U.K. paperback edition: pages 421 - 439
Timeframe: Thursday 10 December - Friday 18 December, 1994 [Y14]

In which the Yule Ball is announced, and Harry learns that he is expected to have a dance partner. Harry tries to get up the nerve to ask Cho to the dance, but when he finally does finds that she already has a date with Cedric, so Harry arranges to go with Parvati Patil instead.

The Unexpected Task, GF22, by Mary GrandPré

Interesting facts and notes about the text of this chapter:

In a way, the "unexpected task" - asking a girl to the Yule Ball as a dance partner - really could be considered an unofficial Triwizard task, since the Yule Ball is a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament.

Characters introduced in this chapter:

  • (names unknown) a dozen or so girls walking past the boys

  • (name unknown) a second-year girl

  • (name unknown) a curly-haired third-year Hufflepuff girl

  • (name unknown) a good-looking fifth-year girl a foot taller than Harry

Characters returning in this chapter:

Characters mentioned in this chapter:

Settings and locations introduced or returning in this chapter:

Settings and locations mentioned in this chapter:

Exceptional character moments:

  • McGonagall, who yells at the boys for having a sword fight with fake wands in her class when they should be listening to her, but doesn't punish them.


Links and Resources:

Memorable lines:

  • A week ago, Harry would have said finding a partner for a dance would be a cinch compared to taking on a Hungarian Horntail. But now that he had done the latter, and was facing the prospect of asking a girl to the ball, he thought he'd rather have another round with the Horntail.

  • "Why do they have to move in packs?" Harry asked Ron, as a dozen or so girls walked past them sniggering and staring at Harry. "How're you supposed to get one on their own to ask them?"
    "Lasso one?" Ron suggested.

Strictly British:


This chapter begins on the Thursday after the end of the previous chapter.


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