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The calendars which follow were carefully researched and are based on various references in the canon. Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1980. Therefore the events of the first chapter of this book take place on November 1, 1981, the day after Harry’s parents were killed. The second chapter takes place on a Saturday, approximately one month and one week before Harry’s 11th birthday, which is June 22, 1991. The events of chapter three take place in the week leading up to Harry’s eleventh birthday, which we know is July 31, 1991.

Unfortunately, the information in the books does not match the calendar of 1991 exactly. The book says that Harry’s birthday is on a Tuesday, while July 31, 1991, is actually on a Wednesday. To stay true to the books, we will remove a day before Harry’s birthday, place the events on the days listed, then adjust the calendar by adding a day to get things back on track.

The Official Timeline of Hogwarts (CS/dvd) was derived from this timeline. September 7 is listed on the Official Timeline as being when Harry and Ron visit Hagrid in his hut. This was an error which also appeared on this calendar until I caught the error and corrected it. The DVD timeline reproduced this error from the Lexicon timeline. However, the 7th is a Saturday, while the book states that they visited Hagrid on the afternoon of the Friday of their first week. This calendar now places that visit on Friday, September 6, which is correct. Events which are actually listed on the official timeline are indicated on this calendar in red.

The dates given on this calendar are either stated specifically in the books or can be deduced with a fair degree of certainty. On the calendars, blue indicates a birthday. The darker the shade of yellow, the more important the events are on that date.

July 1991 – July 1992

June 17 – 23
  • Saturday, June 23 – Dudley’s 11th birthday, the trip to the zoo, Uncle Vernon locks Harry in his cupboard (PS2)

Date is determined from the reference to the cine-camera Dudley received as a gift. On July 24, it is referred to as being a month old and we know that July 31 was a Tuesday. Given that calendar, and that we know Dudley’s birthday was a Saturday, we can determine that the trip to the zoo happened on June 23.

June 24 – July 21

 Harry is locked in his cupboard for weeks. During this time, Mrs. Figg has broken her leg. At some point in the week of July 15, wondering about Harry, she comes to Privet Drive on crutches, only to be knocked over by Dudley (PS2)
July 22 – August 4
 Letters begin arriving (PS3)
  • Tuesday, June 24 – A letter arrives for Harry Potter; Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia burn it but move Harry from the cupboard to Dudley’s second bedroom.
  • Wednesday, June 25 – Another letter arrives for Harry but Uncle Vernon gets it first and destroys it.
  • Thursday, June 26 – Harry gets up at 6 to get the mail but steps on Uncle Vernon who is sleeping in the hall to catch him. Three letters arrive.
  • Friday, June 27 – Twelve letters arrive; Uncle Vernon boards up every crack around every door and window.
  • Saturday, June 28 – Twenty-four letters arrive, rolled up inside eggs delivered to the house; Aunt Petunia shreds the letters in her food processor.

Dates are deduced from given date: July 31, Harry’s birthday, a Tuesday.

More letters, Harry’s birthday, a visit from Hagrid, and a trip to Diagon Alley
  • Sunday, July 29 – Thirty or forty letters come pouring out of the kitchen chimney. Uncle Vernon packs everyone into the car and drives around a lot; they stay overnight in the Railview Hotel, Cokeworth (PS3).
  • Monday, July 30 – About a hundred letters arrive for Harry at the front desk of the hotel. Uncle Vernon drives them around again and finally discovers the Hut On The Rock and brings the family out to stay in it. A tremendous storm blows up but at midnight, Hagrid appears at the door (PS3).
  • Tuesday, July 31 – Harry’s 11th birthday. Hagrid gives Harry his letter from Hogwarts (PS4). In the morning, Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley to buy his things for Hogwarts. At the end of the day, Harry takes the train back to the Dursleys (PS5).

The days of the week are derived from this statement:

August 4 – 31
The Dursleys pretend that Harry doesn’t exist (PS6).
Although we are given very specific dates for both Harry’s birthday — Tuesday, July 31, 1991 — and the trip to Hogwarts — Sunday, September 1, 1991, we can’t create an accurate calendar because those days of the week don’t work. There aren’t the right number of days between those days of the week. 

September 1991

The real calendar for September of 1991 by happy coincidence matches this calendar. Rowling made no effort to actually match the real world calendar to her dates, however.
Week 1
Harry and the Dursleys travel to London, Harry to Kings Cross and Dudley to a private hospital to have his tail removed. Classes at Hogwarts begin.
  • Sunday, September 1 – Harry travels to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. Harry meets Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. All three are sorted into Gryffindor. Dudley in London having his tail removed (PS7).
  • Monday, September 2 – First day of term. Harry and Ron get into trouble with Filch, who thinks they’re trying to break into the forbidden third floor corridor (PS8).
  • Wednesday, September 4 – Astronomy classes at midnight. This continues throughout the year, as far as we can tell.
  • Thursday, September 5 – Transfiguration class
  • Friday, September 6 – Hedwig delivers her first message to Harry: an invitation to visit Hagrid that afternoon; he responds “Yes, please!” In the morning, the Gryffindor first years have their first potions class: double Potions wth Slytherin. Harry gets on Snape’s bad side and loses Gryffindor five points. The students have the afternoon off, so Harry and Ron got for tea with Hagrid at 3 o’clock (PS8).
According to the timeline on the CS/f DVD, Harry and Ron have afternoon tea with Hagrid on September 7. This was actually an error on our Lexicon timeline, which was used to create the DVD version. Originally, I had placed the afternoon tea on September 7 in error, and the error was reproduced on the DVD timeline. I have corrected that error here. 
Week 2
Flying lessons and Quidditch
  • Wednesday, September 11 – Midnight astronomy class
  • Thursday, September 12 – During breakfast, Neville receives a Remembrall. That afternoon at 3:30, the Gryffindors and Slytherins have their first flying lesson, during which Neville breaks his wrist. Harry is made a Seeker and later, Malfoy challenges him to a duel at midnight. Hermione and Neville annoyingly tag along as they go face Malfoy, and the four of them discover what lives on the other side of the door to the forbidden Third Floor corridor (PS9).

Quidditch trials are held this week, but Harry is not included. 

Week 3

  • Thursday, September 19 – Hermione’s 12th birthday (not mentioned in the book).
  • Friday, September 20 – Harry received his Nimbus 2000 at breakfast. At 7 pm he meets Oliver Wood on the Quidditch pitch to learn the basics of the game (PS10).

Since sunset in Scotland on September 20th is at 7:20 pm, they only had at most an hour to practice.

Week 4

Regular Quidditch practices are held three times a week (PS10).

October 1991


Weeks 1-4

Harry has Quidditch practice three times a week, which added to his schoolwork makes this second month go by quickly. Harry and Ron find Hermione to be annoying and avoid her as much as they can.

Week 5

Thursday October 31 – Hallowe’en. The class finally gets to learn a real spell in Charms: Wingardium Leviosa. Ron offends Hermione, who runs off to cry in the girls’ bathroom. That evening, the feast is interrupted by a troll wandering the castle. Harry and Ron go looking for Hermione and end up rescuing her from the troll. The three become friends.





Nov 1 2 PS10
weather turned very cold
Nov 3 4 5 6
midnight: astronomy class
7 8
Snape takes Harry’s copy of Quidditch Through The AgesHarry sees that Snape has been bitten in the leg by Fluffy
Quidditch: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, 11am
Gryffindor wins when Harry catches the Snitch in his mouth
Snape counters Quirrell’s jinxes and saves Harry’s life
Nov 10 11 12 13
midnight: astronomy class
14 15 16
Nov 17 18 19 20
midnight: astronomy class
21 22 23
Nov 24 25 26 27
midnight: astronomy class
28 29 30
Dec 1 2 3 4
midnight: astronomy class
5 6 7
Dec 8 9
McGonagall takes names of those staying at Hogwarts over Christmas
10 11
midnight: astronomy class
12 13 14 PS12
Hogwarts is covered by several feet of snow
Dec 15 16 17 18
midnight: astronomy class
19 20 21
Hagrid is setting up the twelve Christmas trees in the Great Hall
Dec 22 23
end of termHogwarts Express back to London
24 25
CHRISTMASHarry receives his father’s Invisibility Cloak for a presentHarry discovers the Mirror of Erised
Harry returns to the Mirror with Ron
Harry goes to the Mirror and encounters Dumbledore
28 PS12
Harry and Ron, pretty much the only ones in Gryffindor Tower, spend their time toasting things on the fire and playing wizard chess
Dec 29 30 31 Jan 1 2 3 4 PS13
Harry begins having nightmares about his parents’ death
Jan 5
Hogwarts Express back to school
start of term
7 8
midnight: astronomy class
9 10 11 PS13
weather turns rainy, wet and cold
Jan 12 13 14 15
midnight: astronomy class
16 17 18
Jan 19 20 21 22
midnight: astronomy class
23 24 25
Jan 26 27 28 29
midnight: astronomy class
30 31 Feb 1
Feb 2 3 4 5
midnight: astronomy class
6 7 8
Feb 9 10 11 12
midnight: astronomy class
13 14 15
Feb 16 17 18 19
midnight: astronomy class
20 21 22
Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor which Snape referees
Feb 23 24 25 26
midnight: astronomy class
27 28 29
Mar 1
Ron’s 12th birthday
2 3 4
midnight: astronomy class
5 6 7
Mar 8 9 10 11
midnight: astronomy class
12 13 14
Mar 15 16 17 18
midnight: astronomy class
19 20 21
Mar 22 23
Hermione begins prepping for exams
24 25
midnight: astronomy class
26 27 28 PS14
Mar 29 30 31 Apr 1
midnight: astronomy class
2 3 4
Apr 5 6 7 8
midnight: astronomy class
9 10 11
Apr 12 13 14 15
midnight: astronomy class
16 17 18
Apr 19 20 21 22
midnight: astronomy class
23 24
Norbert hatches
Apr 26 27 28 29
midnight: astronomy class
30 May 1 2
May 3 4 5 6
Ron is bitten by Norbert
midnight: astronomy class
Ron goes to the hospital wing with his hand badly infected and poisoned
Ron in hospital
Ron in hospitalmidnight:
Charlie’s friends take Norbert
May 10
1 am:
Harry, Neville, and Hermione lose 150 points for Gryffindor
11 12 13
midnight: astronomy class
14 15 16 PS14, PS15
May 17 18 19 20
midnight: astronomy class
21 22 23 Harry, Neville, and Hermione are shunned and insulted for losing all those points
May 24 25
Harry overhears Quirrell talking to someone whom he assumes is Snape
11 pm: detentions in the Forbidden Forest
midnight: astronomy class
28 29 30 PS15
May 31 Jun 1
examslast one: History of Magicevening:
Harry, Ron, and Hermione follow Quirrell into the trap door after the Stone
Harry unconscious in hospital
Harry unconscious in hospitalQuidditch match: Gryffindor loses to Ravenclaw because Harry is in hospital
PS16, PS17
June 7
Harry unconscious in hospital
Harry released from hospitalend-of-year feast at which Gryffindor wins the house cup
9 10 11
exam results come out
12 13 PS17
June 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Hogwarts Express back to LondonUncle Vernon locks up Harry’s spell books and broomstick and padlocks Hedwig’s cage
PS17, CS1
June 21 22 23
Dudley’s 12th birthday
24 25 26 27
June 28 29 30 Jul 1 2 3 4
July 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
July 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
July 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
July 26 27 28 29 30 31
Harry’s 12th birthday
Aug 1

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