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Archive Lexicon page This page was Apparated over from the old Lexicon website and has not been updated. It is included because the content is interesting and valuable, even in its current form.
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After 8pm, by the time on your computer’s clock, several changes occur around the site turning it to nighttime. {Want to see it? reset your computer clock to a minute or two before and then after 8pm, go in and out to see the changes!}

The sounds of passing traffic, chirping birds and the wind are replaced with an occasional owl hoot. The dog still barks, but shorter and softer. The doorbell no longer rings. The radio still plays the same tune though.

The desktop appears a bit darker, and when the light switch is clicked it shines on most of the scene. During the daytime it shines a brighter light just over the cell phone.

The butterfly that flits in and lands on the keyboard is bright orange during the day, and changes to brown (like a moth) at night. This is the same when it flies into the Links bookcase.

In the room of the Secret Door the scene outside the window changes to night. During the day the sky is bright but overcast, with clouds drifting past, and there is a view of a village hillside. At night a crescent moon and stars appear in the sky. Tiny lights speckle the village. Clouds still drift past occasionally, and keep watch for shooting stars!

There has been speculation about the arrangement of the stars appearing through the window. Here’s what Mike Weinstein, aka Bandersnatch, professional astronomer and astronomy educator had to say:

“The stars to the left of the Moon bear a resemblance to the constellation Canis Major, whose brightest star is Sirius the Dog Star.  Whether the artists at Lightmaker were actually inspired by the constellation is anybody’s guess.  If it is supposed to be Canis Major, it is not possible for observers in the northern hemisphere to see it in the orientation shown (unless they stand on their heads) — but observers in the southern hemisphere would see the constellation looking something like this when it rises in the east.
I see from Lightmaker’s website that one of their offices is in Melbourne, Australia. Speculate away. ;-)”

View from Melbourne, Australia, looking low in the east-southeast, as Canis Major rises:

Canis Major View in window at night
Constellation image from Your Sky by John Walker.

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