Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 1)

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The following is a transcription of “Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page1)“, one of the Potterania extras stored in your Scrapbook.  

It appears that the two scrapbook pages Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 2)  & (Page 1)  may have been labeled backwards because the certificate description on each reads the same but they are of different content, and the first line of (Page 1) could be the continuation of the last line from (Page 2). Also (Page 2) does not mention ‘Spungen’ at all.  Look closely at the crumpled corners and notice that they are the front and back of the same sheet of paper.

The Certificate reads:
“Another page very early draft (around 1994) of Philosophers Stone – note that Draco’s surname used to be ‘Spungen’!”

large and gloomy dungeon, lined with glass jars. Some held
brilliant, jewel-coloured liquids, others, pickled roots and
(various) bits of ani creatures.
Harry tried to changed his mind about Snape. At the
Start of Term Banquet he had got the idea that Snape didn’t
like him. Now After the very first <Potions lesson he knew that he had
(He was wrong to think that Snape didn’t like him – Snape hated him.)
been wrong. Snape didn’t dislike Harry – he hated him.
As he called the register at the start of their first lesson,
together Snape glanced up to look at each student as they answered
“Yes, sir.”  When Harry answered, Snape’s black eyes flashed
as he stared at him for a long while.  and a twisted smile twisted his thin mouth.
“Ah, yes, Potter,” he said.  “Dr. Flitwick Our new -ah- celebrity.”
Draco Spungen snorted loudly and Harry flushed with
anger. The <first year> Gryffindors and Slytherites had Potions together
which gave the Gryffindors the chance to see the truth of
<what everyone said about>
Snape ‘s , that he was vicious to everyone except members of
his House.
When he had Snape> finished taking the register <and Snape cast a
long look around at the twenty students, his black eyes
glittering.  addressed his new students.
“Potions,” he said, “You are here to learn the
subtle science and exact artistry of potion-making.
No bangs and sparks, No  <As here is little> foolish wand-waving , in
here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic.
How very few of you cloth-headed young dolts will appreci <understand
the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron and its
shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that steal
through human veins, bewitching the body and ensnaring the mind.
You I can teach you how to bottle fame and glory, decant
power, stopper death – but how few of you dunderheads
will be able to learn.”
Snape paused and his glittering black eyes ???ed over
(the) class. No one spoke or moved. Snape was one of those
(teach)ers whose silences you didn’t break. Hermione Granger, who Scrapbook
Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 1)
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