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Archive Lexicon page This page was Apparated over from the old Lexicon website and has not been updated. It is included because the content is interesting and valuable, even in its current form. Scrapbook

The scrapbook stores and displays the Potterania extras you’ve collected from working the tricks around the site. It appears when you click on the brown book at the very top of the desktop.

This information is stored in a folder on your computer so that it “remembers” which ones you’ve collected. Using a different computer or an alternate address to the site allows you to see the challenges uncollected. This doesn’t show up in the Text Only version, because it isn’t interactive, allowing you to get the secrets.

There are 12, so far.
Four were available when the site launched, three more were added on September 16, 2004 and five more were added on March 9, 2006.

Click on the Scrapbook it opens. On the left hand page is a list of the extras you have collected.
Click on the name of the extra then read JKR’s explanation on the right-hand page.
Click on the red link to view the extra.

With the March 9, 2006 update came a new feature for viewing the items in the Scrapbook.  In the lower left of the screen is a zoom bar.  Click on the plus sign (+) to enlarge the image, click on the minus sign (-) to shrink. You can also drag the tab on the slide bar.   Click on the image and move it around to view different areas of the image. (With this new feature we will be reworking our transcripts, for sure!)
The scrapbook extras and the challenge to find them:

Original when site launched-

  1. First typed manuscript of Philosopher’s Stone
    From collecting ingredients for Potion recipe #1 on the Extra Stuff bulletin board. Instructions here.
    Transcript hereImage archived here.
  2. Page of doodlings (page 2) Sorting Hat” sketch
    From the treasure chest in the Links bookcase. Instructions here.
    Transcript hereImage archived here.
  3. Ancient Drawings (page 4) the Midnight Duel” drawing
    From the coins in the Fan Sites trophy case. Instructions here.
    Image archived here.
  4. Very early page of Philosopher’s Stone
    From the phone, dial MAGIC Instructions here.
    Transcript hereImage archived here.

Added Sept 16, 2004-

  1. Ancient Drawings (page 1) “Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit
    From the large Marble on the desktopInstructions here.
    Transcript/analysis (coming soon). Image archived here.
  2. Ancient Drawings (page 2) drawing of “Peeves the poltergeist
    From the phone, dial PEEVES Instructions here.
    Image archived here.
  3. Ancient Drawings (page 3) drawing of “Nearly Headless Nick
    From collecting ingredients for Potion recipe #2 from the Rubbish Bin Instructions here.
    Image archived here.

Note: Ancient Drawings (page 4) was available when the site launched and (pages 1-3) were added in Sept.
Notice that there is a Page of doodlings (page 2). This implies that we should eventually see a (page 1) but it is not available yet.

Added March 9, 2006-

  1. Very early draft of Philosopher’s Stone (Page 1)(large and gloomy dungeon…)
    From the ring box in the Fan Sites trophy case.  Clue: Word scraps puzzle in Rubbish. Instructions here.
    Transcript here.
  2. Very early draft of Philosopher’s Stone (Page 2) : (a fat kind of cactus…)
    From the phone, dial 31 07 1965.  Clue: Ancient Runes book in Links, tiles in Rubbish. Instructions here.
    Transcript here.
  3. More idle jottings (Page 1)
    From the plant in the “?” secret door and radio program (2 steps).  Clue: Rumours tabloid advert. Instructions here.
    Transcript here.
  4. Original synopsis of ‘Philosopher’s Stone’
    From the Circle card on the Extra Stuff bulletin board and teacup in Rubbish (2 steps). Instructions here.
    Transcript here.
  5. Revision of the plan of ‘Order of the Phoenix’
    From lightning bolt in the Extra Stuff bulletin board Clue: Peeves in LinksInstructions here.
    See an image here.(Turned upright)

Click here to see the entire Tips and Tricks for collecting the extras, very detailed instructions on gathering all the Potterania.

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