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Archive Lexicon page This page was Apparated over from the old Lexicon website and has not been updated. It is included because the content is interesting and valuable, even in its current form.

The following is a transcription of “More idle jottings (Page 1) “, one of the Potterania extras stored in your Scrapbook

Contains a list of Subjects, genders, and teachers’ names – 12 total, 6 male, 6 female
Note: This is confirmation that JKR uses the abbreviation D.A.D.A.; Flying lessons is not a listed subject.
Also contains musings on names for Arithmancy and Divinations teachers, Hippogriffs, etc. and an early chronological chart of the D.A.D.A. position.

The Certificate reads:
“More idle jottings…. An attempt (circa Prisoner of Azkaban) early to finalise the names and genders of the teachers at Hogwarts.  Also playing around with some names for hippogriffs – still a long way from Buckbeak.”

Transfiguration F Prof. Minerva McGonagall
Charms M Prof. Filius Flitwick
Potions M Prof. Severus Snape
Herbology F Prof. Pomona Sprout
D.A.D.A. F to M Prof. Remus Lupin
Astronomy F Prof. Aurora Sinistra
History of Magic M Prof. Cuthbert Binns
Divination F to M Prof. ##  Mopsus etc.
Study of Ancient Runes M to F Prof. Bathsheda xxxx [blotted out]Babbling
Arithmancy F Prof. Septima Vector
Care of Magical Creatures F to M Hagrid Rubeus Hagrid
Muggle Studies M to F Prof.

(In the margin)

Septima us
Vecta or
The fates
The Furies

Hippogriffs Stormswift

Gibberish Gobbledegook
also check tongues/languages Greek etc
Mylor Silvanus

Rosmerta “good purveyor” ?
village woman?

  1. Quirrell
  2. Lockhart
  3. Lupin
  4. Pettigrew
  5. Mylor person. Oakden Hobday Scrapbook More idle jottings (page 1)
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