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Archive Lexicon page This page was Apparated over from the old Lexicon website and has not been updated. It is included because the content is interesting and valuable, even in its current form.
JKR (bulletin board)

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On the desktop, clicking on the Hairbrush “Extra Stuff” Portkey (formerly the tea cup) brings you to a bulletin board …
The hairbrush Portkey drops into the lower left corner. Click on it to return to the desktop.

Hear the sound of the radio become louder as you enter the room.
You can turn the radio off and on. When you do this, listen as it is tuning in, the voices sound like “yes.. blah… blah… use the in-ter-net”.
On March 9, 2006 the radio became part of a Scrapbook extra. Click the On/Off switch to hear a broadcast of the “Toots, Shoots ‘n’ Roots” program by Tilden Toots, as advertised in the Rumours tabloid advert. After the program finishes, it returns to the old “tuning in” and music.

In the center of the board she has posted a page titled “About” telling us about the many “extras” she will share with us.
Sticking out on the right side of the paper are three tabs marked Edits, Characters, and Miscellaneous. The tabs move when the cursor passes over them. Click on a tab to read these wonderful additional story pieces from her world that are not found in the books.
These entries appear to be listed in alphabetical order rather than by post date.
To return to the “About” page, click on the tab paper-clipped to the bottom.

Use the eraser/revealer (aka rubber to our British friends) on the blank paper to reveal the secret potion ingredients for Potion recipe #1.
You’ll need the leaves tacked in the upper left corner of the bulletin board.

On March 9, 2006 two more Scrapbook extras became available from items on the Bulletin board. One from the new red “Circle” business card.  Another from drawing a lightning bolt on the square paper.

PEEVES: knocks down the Street Cars business card (revealing the Taxis card underneath) and sets the hanging pen swinging.

Version 1

What’s on the bulletin board?
Clockwise, from the top:

  • a chart which has been identified as being one of several chapter organizers found on the site, with which JKR works out the various plot elements. I am not sure where this identification came from.
  • a card for Lee and Sons Construction.
  • a photo of Dr. Neil Murray, JKR’s husband
  • a card for a TAXIS service
  • (missing from the picture) a STREET CARS card tacked on top of the TAXIS card, that gets blown off by Peeves
  • a school schedule with red highlighting on various things
  • a shopping list
  • draft of the first Sorting Hat song
  • a drawing, possibly of an owl
  • a card for a PTA (Parent-Teachers Association) meeting
  • a card for JKR‘s agent, Christopher Little
  • a pink card for babysitting service
  • a draft sketch of the Fan Site Award shield
  • a card that says “Call Fiddy Before Tea!” refers to her personal assistant, Fiddy
  • a photo of a dog, possibly a family pet
  • a draft of something unidentifiable (still checking this one)
  • another copy of the draft of the Sorting Hat song
  • another Christopher Little card
  • a newspaper clipping from the Manchester Evening News with a classified advertisement for “MAGIC SPELLS Vol. 1 2 & 3”
  • an unidentified business card
  • a business card for Dotti Irving, Chief Executive of Colman Getty, Rowling’s public relations firm.
  • tucked behind the bulletin board are a number of cards, some are duplicates to the ones visible on the board itself. Clockwise from the top they are:
    • a card with a red cross
    • duplicate of Dotti Irving card
    • a red Hospital card (probably the same as the one at the top with the red cross)
    • another STREET CARS card
    • the next three cards are all green, and I believe the same
    • (at the bottom left corner) another Christopher Little card
    • another STREET CARS card
    • duplicate of pink babysitting service card
    • another TAXIS card
    • duplicate of Lee & Sons Construction card

Version 2
A new version of the bulletin board appeared on August 16th, 2004. New odds and ends were added to the board and a few things were changed.

sketch for the dart board and safe puzzle which appeared behind the door Click the switch to turn the music on or off. draft of the first Sorting Hat song Appeared when the Lexicon had been the FSA winner for six weeks straight. Transcript of this appearance is in the News section of the site. picture of JKR's husband, Dr. Neil Murray Title of the sixth book revealed. Revealer... Sketch of the Fan Site Award design. school report card, probably Jessica's Displayed while Jo was pregnant and David was a toddler. the family dog JKR's honorary degree from Edinburgh University received on July 8, 2004

What’s on the bulletin board?
Some things are the same. New items are listed here, clockwise from the top:

  • a card listing a date and Shepperton Studios, Middlesex.
    • A new card under the STREET CARS card and over the TAXI card.
  • When the STREET CARS card is blown away by Peeves the new card is revealed. This card says GOBB LYNN Security Specialists and gives a telephone number: 30 27 23. The name, of course, is pronounced “goblin” and the number was the combination needed to open the safe behind the door which revealed the title of the sixth book.
  • the school schedule now has SUMMER HOLIDAYS YIPEEEE written across it.
  • a new shopping list
  • a diagram of the dart board/safe puzzle from the DO NOT DISTURB room, as well as the term Room of Requirement as the title of that room.
  • a paper with Half Blood Prince written on it, circled in red (and without the hyphen)
  • a card with the word Holiday and departure and arrival times
  • a yellow card saying ‘Guest list for Birthday Party’
  • a card with times for appointments with a midwife and an optician
  • a card entitled Site Update, which includes references to the weird title rumor that circulated during the summer of 2004, saying “The Pillar of Storge” Get a grip!! Rumors.
  • a yellow card saying ‘Fan Site Pick new fan site winner.’ This appeared during the summer of 2004 when the Lexicon was the FSA winner for quite a few weeks.
  • a card noting the Edinburgh Book Festival and the date, August 15 (at which JKR appeared, a transcript is posted in The Daily News)
  • a copy of JKR’s honorary degree from Edinburgh University received on July 8, 2004
  • a photo showing someone who looks a lot like Jo being hugged by someone in a Goofy costume
  • a black business card replacing the unidentified one from the original version
  • cards tucked around the edges remain the same, though some have shifted position, and another TAXIS card is on the right

On Sept 16th the porcupine quills (a.k.a. knarl quills, toothpicks, grass, sticks, hair) taped below the blank paper are new Potion recipe #2 ingredients.

Version 3
On December 1st, 2004 the site was decorated for Christmas.

What’s on the bulletin board?
Most things are the same. Changes are listed here:

  • the GOBB LYNN card is gone
  • an ADVENT CALENDAR with 24 numbered doors and a star marked 25 at the peak of the roof (one little door opened each day until the door behind the star opened on Christmas)
  • the index card marked Holiday with depart and arrive times is either gone or moved upward
  • the PTA meeting card is moved downward
  • three Christmas cards (same designs appeared behind “the door”)

For several hours on Christmas day the bulletin board screen was taken over by a close up view of one piece of the blue candy (almost certainly a flashplayer glitch).

On January 6th, the bulletin board reverted to Version 2.

On July 31st (until August 8th) the tea cup Portkey changed to a champagne glass and there is a 40th birthday card in celebration of Jo’s birthday. Also the shopping list showed a party theme.

Version 4
On December 19, 2005 the bulletin board was changed for Christmas.  Similar to the 2004 changes, but with 2 Christmas cards in place of the Advent calendar.

Once again, on January 6th, the bulletin board reverted to Version 2.

Version 5 
March 9, 2006 the entire site was revamped. 

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