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Dragon Breeding illustration

First sparks, usually accompanied by thick grey smoke, appear at around six months.
-- excerpt from Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit (DrBr)

Rowling shared small portions of her notes on her original website as rewards for solving puzzles. One of the rewards was an illustration she drew showing a collage of pages from the book Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit: dragon-breeding

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Dragon Breeding illustration
Abbreviation DrBr: Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit
Canonicity Secondary Canon


Rowling's comments on this drawing:

This is a very old picture of some pages from ‘Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit’ that I drew while I was living in Portugal. You will notice that I have mis-spelled ‘developed’ (too busy concentrating on the lettering) and that I have also mixed up the Hebrides with Orkney (geography has always been one of my weaknesses).

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