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JKR: Revision of the plan of Order of the Phoenix


This image appeared originally on Rowling’s original website, called “Revision of the plan of ‘Order of the Phoenix”.

The Certificate reads:
“Part of the umpteenth revision of the plan of ‘Order of the Phoenix’
Some of the Chapter Names changed and there are a few ideas that didn’t make the final draft.”

This is a transcription of the chart:



see that
coming, did she?’

 # xx “Then to
Azkaban I must go.
I trust I’m
allowed a toothbrush?”
 *they can use fireheadPROPHECY (Hall of Prophecy) Cho/Ginny D.A. OotP Snape/Harry
+ father
Hagrid + Grawp
Plots and Resistance
Snape lesson -Harry skips to go to \/
Harry, Ron +Herm go to Hogsmeade
Meet Lupin and Tonks – cant
talk. Umbridge tailing -pass
note. HRH recruiting for OofP.
Hagrid fresh injuries
Harry sees ^
Vol still formulating
his plans None of the
DEs able to get in +
Polyjuice worthless
Cho in Hogsmeade – wants to join OofP Tonks & Lupin recruiting Harry skips lesson to recruit for
O of P
Hagrid still being injured –
blood stains
14 NOV The Order of the Phoenix First meeting of the Order
of the Phoenix
Dept. of Myst. too well
(Hall of P) Sends snake on recce – his eyes
Cho + Ginny both present Umbridge now reading
censoring the mail
first meeting Harry still skipping –
Snape ?????
“He’s feeding something
that’s not his blood”
15 NOV The Dirtiest Tackle Quidditch versus Malfoy –
Harry banned future game
suspended following attack on M after Cedric taunt — that night,
restless, unable to sleep following
Nagini attacks  Mr. W Cho now
madly in
Firehead. *
. . ~
16 NOV Cho
Rita Returns

Black Marks
H of P
match – Umbridge etc.– Cho-
– concs about scar – sees
Nag attack MrW
Row – re: skipping Snape lessons –
Harry really in doghouse – he angry.
Overview into Xmas Herm contacts
Rita – Hogsmeade Xmas shopping
Nagini got in, Vol has
confirmation of Bode’s story –
only he and Harry can touch the prophecy
Cho kiss? Ginny worried about father Ron + rest Ws called in  to be told  of father’s injury reactions – ?another meeting? overview Row about Harry not going Hagrid still getting
17 DEC Rita Returns Snape lesson
Hogsmeade/Xmas shopping/
they meet Rita
Rita information ‘Missy’ slip kiss Harry now avoiding Cho
a bit – Ginny + s.o. else?
. O of P Another lesson Hagrid hospital wing

St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
St. Mungo’s visit Xmas Eve –

see Bode (Macnair visiting)

see Lockhart
see Mr. Weasley Neville———————————

very vivid – could see his name
Ginny + Dad
————– —————. ——————–.
DEC Xmas
Place Chris

. Bode dead
Hall of P again
Herm +Krum Ginny + boyf Ron ??? ??? Sirius here
Big reunion
. . .
20 JAN Extended Powers of Elvira Umbridge Harry misses match v. Hufflepuff Order of Phoenix now being hunted suspected by Umbridge– Why weren’t they @ match      Snape lesson? Harry fighting
increasingly strong
. got to hear Sirius + Lupin O of P
big meeting
Snape lesson H can mention H of Prophecy Hagrid out of hospital now – going into forest armed with spikes, etc.
21 FEB (Valentine’s day) with Cho.
Hogsmeade – Trelawney out –
Firenze replaces in nick of
^@   time.  Rita reports back on
Bode, etc    Snape lesson?
visions but not
very successfully
Valentine date with Cho –  is
miserable –  #
they could row
firehead O of P ? .
22 FEB Cousin Grawp Snape lesson?
Umbridge now really going for
Hagrid – Firenze teaching
prophets + prophecies – HRH go to warn Hagrid of Umbridge – see meet Grawp
. . going O of P ?
Snape going ape at Harry because he can’t do it
MARCH (Treason) Easter – discovery
of OofP – Dumbledore
takes the rap xx – Azkaban
Harry starting to get it –
blocking out
Cho wants
back with Harry–
another row
here . Snape grudgingly approves ???
(arrow down)
(Careers Guidance)
Career consultation – Auror
Order of Phoenix
continues – Ginny has ??? on the wall in temper Snape lesson
Harry starting to get it . firehead See Plot Meeting
things hotting
up w. F+G
. Hagrid clinging onto job refusing to abandon
Grawp Scrapbook
JKR: Revision of the plan of Order of the Phoenix
Abbreviation OPplan
Canonicity Varying Levels


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