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This manuscript from Rowling tells an early version of a passage from Philosopher’s Stone in which Harry wakes up in the morning on the first day of classes to see a ghost standing in the middle of the room. He is startled to meet an actual ghost, who turns out to be Nearly-Headless Nick.


Harry woke up next morning, ??? something had woken

“Time to wake up, gentlemen, breakfast will be
served in half an hour.”
Harry woke. He looked up at the red velvet curtains drawn around his
four poster. “I’m at Hogwarts,” was His first happy thought was, “I’m at Hogwarts.”
His second, after he had thrown back the curtains and
found his slippers, was “I’m hungry.” His third when he
looked up was, “That man’s completely transparent.”
After he had thought this, his mind went completely
blank. He sat frozen, staring at the man in the middle
of the dormitory who had just woken them all up.
There was no doubt about it. He was seeing This was There was a ghost at the foot of his bed.
“Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington at your service,”
said the ghost, sweeping off his broad brimmed hat and
bowing to them all — for Ron, Seamus, Lee and Neville
were also staring open mouthed at him. “Resident
ghost of Gryffindor tower. Scrapbook Early Draft from PS
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