Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 2)

Archive Lexicon page This page was Apparated over from the old Lexicon website and has not been updated. It is included because the content is interesting and valuable, even in its current form.

The following is a transcription of “Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 2)“, one of the Potterania extras stored in your Scrapbook.  

The certificate reads the same as Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 1)  but is different content. This is almost certainly a mistake since this piece does not mention Spungen at all.  Also, it is possible that (Page 1) and (Page 2) were mislabeled.  The first line of (Page 1) could be the continuation from the last line of (Page 2).  Look closely at the crumpled corners and notice that they are the front and back of the same sheet of paper.

The Certificate reads:
“Another page very early draft (around 1994) of Philosophers Stone � note that Draco’s surname used to be ‘Spungen’!”

a fat kind of cactus in the corner of the greenhouse
which moaned in a feeble sort of voice that its
spines were aching.
Quirrell’s classes were a bit of a joke. Everyone was
hoping for gruesome, spine-chilling classes on Dark Magic
but with Quirrell in charge they couldn’t somehow get in
properly the right mood. His classroom smelled strongly of
garlic. The story went that ever since a narrow escape
from a vampire in Rumania Quirrell had lived in fear
that it woud come and get him. He seemed almost as
frightened of his students as the trolls, werewolves
and hags he was teaching them about; Seamus
Finnigan and Dean Thomas had a bet on to see how
long Quirrell would stutter over a single word in each
Madam McGonagle, who taught transfiguration,
was as different from Quirrell as it was possible to be.
#### #### She was very strict and allowed no
messing about.
“Transfiguration is one of the most difficult and
dangerous kinds of magic,” she told them in their first
lesson. “Anyone playing the fool will leave my class
and not come back.” Mistakes can be ??
Then she demonstrated how to turn a desk into
a pig and back again. They were all very very impressed.
As Percy Weasley had predicted, however, she gave them
a single match and told them they would first be
learning how to turn them into needles. It really was
horribly difficult. After two lessons only Hermione Granger
had managed to make any difference to her match.
Madam McGonagle showed the class how Hermione’s
match had gone pointed and silvery and Hermione
beamed at the praise.
And then there was Snape, who taught potions (in a)elinda Scrapbook
Very early draft of Philosophers Stone (Page 2)
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