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Archive Lexicon page This page was Apparated over from the old Lexicon website and has not been updated. It is included because the content is interesting and valuable, even in its current form.

The Wizard of the Month calendar features a famous witch or wizard each month. Pass your cursor over it; it flips up to name the honoree, circling it in red. Click it, the page tears off and shows a picture of the character, (birth – death dates) and noteworthy recognition or description.

The calendar shows today’s date according to your computer’s system. As of Sept. 30, 2004 it updates automatically on the first of the month at midnight GMT (or BST) even though the calendar still reads the date on your system.

Wizards of the Month have always alternated male and female, except Oct-Nov 2005, when there were two witches and Apr-May 2006, two wizards in a row. On the one year anniversary of the site Felix Summerbee reappeared for a second run as Wizard of the Month for May.

The calendar also displays Happy Birthday greetings occasionally which appear automatically at midnight UK time and remain for 24 hours. Click here for a list of all the birthdays.

For the first year and a half all the characters were taken from the Famous Wizards Cards until October 2005 when Fifi LaFolle became our first NEW canon character. Since that time, there have been many new characters along with FW card honorees.

Past Wizards of the Month:

Click on an image to view fullsize. Much thanks to Potterskeys for providing us with a few missing images.

May 2004 – Felix Summerbee
Felix Summerbee
June 2004 – Gwenog Jones
Gwenog Jones
July 2004 – Donaghan Tremlett
Donaghan Tremlett
August 2004 – Honoria Nutcombe
Honoria Nutcombe
September 2004 – Uric the Oddball
Uric the Oddball
October 2004 – Glenda Chittock
Glenda Chittock
November 2004 – Devlin Whitehorn
Devlin Whitehorn
December 2004 – Ignatia Wildsmith
Ignatia Wildsmith
January 2005 – Derwent Shimpling
Derwent Shimpling
February 2005 – Artemisia Lufkin
Artemisia Lufkin
March 2005 – Mungo Bonham
Mungo Bonham
April 2005 – Gondoline Oliphant
Gondoline Oliphant


May 2005 – Felix Summerbee
Felix Summerbee
June 2005 – Elfrida Clagg
Elfrida Clagg
July 2005 – Chauncey Oldridge
Chauncey Oldridge
August 2005 – Bridget Wenlock
Bridget Wenlock
September 2005 – Gaspard Shingleton
Gaspard Shingleton
October 2005 – Fifi LaFolle
Fifi LaFolle
November 2005 – Carlotta Pinkstone
Carlotta Pinkstone
December 2005 – Bowman Wright
Bowman Wright
January 2006 – Jocunda Sykes
Jocunda Sykes
February 2006 – Yardley Platt
Yardley Platt
March 2006 – Daisy Dodderidge
Daisy Dodderidge
April 2006 – Grogan Stump
Grogan Stump


May 2006 – Fabius Watkins
Fabius Watkins
June 2006 – Daisy Hookum
Daisy Hookum
July 2006 – Tarquin McTavish
Tarquin McTavish
August 2006 – Erica Stainwright
Tarquin McTavish
September 2006 – Hambledon Quince
Hambledon Quince
October 2006 – Idris Oakby
Idris Oakby
November 2006 – Lorcan d’Eath
Lorcan d'Eath
December 2006 – Laurentia Fletwock
Laurentia Fletwock
January 2007 – Harvey Ridgebit
Harvey Ridgebit
February 2007 – Mnemone Radford
Mnemone Radford
March 2007 – Tilden Toots
Tilden Toots
April 2007 – Magenta Comstock
Magenta Comstock


May 2007 – Helga Hufflepuff
Helga Hufflepuff
June 2007 – Salazar Slytherin
July 2007 – Godric Gryffindor
Godric Gryffindor
August 2007 – Rowena Ravenclaw
Rowena Ravenclaw
September 2007 – Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore
October 2007 – Harry Potter
Harry Potter


The image of Salazar Slytherin was changed on June 1 to fit the frame. The image of Albus Dumbledore was the only one which had no movement at all.

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