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Revision of the plan of Order of the Phoenix

This image appeared originally on Rowling’s original website, called “Revision of the plan of ‘Order of the Phoenix”.


The Certificate reads:
“Part of the umpteenth revision of the plan of ‘Order of the Phoenix’
Some of the Chapter Names changed and there are a few ideas that didn’t make the final draft.”

This is a transcription of the chart:



see that
coming, did she?’

 # xx “Then to
Azkaban I must go.
I trust I’m
allowed a toothbrush?”
 *they can use fireheadPROPHECY (Hall of Prophecy) Cho/Ginny D.A. OotP Snape/Harry
+ father
Hagrid + Grawp
Plots and Resistance
Snape lesson -Harry skips to go to \/
Harry, Ron +Herm go to Hogsmeade
Meet Lupin and Tonks – cant
talk. Umbridge tailing -pass
note. HRH recruiting for OofP.
Hagrid fresh injuries
Harry sees ^
Vol still formulating
his plans None of the
DEs able to get in +
Polyjuice worthless
Cho in Hogsmeade – wants to join OofP Tonks & Lupin recruiting Harry skips lesson to recruit for
O of P
Hagrid still being injured –
blood stains
14 NOV The Order of the Phoenix First meeting of the Order
of the Phoenix
Dept. of Myst. too well
(Hall of P) Sends snake on recce – his eyes
Cho + Ginny both present Umbridge now reading
censoring the mail
first meeting Harry still skipping –
Snape ?????
“He’s feeding something
that’s not his blood”
15 NOV The Dirtiest Tackle Quidditch versus Malfoy –
Harry banned future game
suspended following attack on M after Cedric taunt — that night,
restless, unable to sleep following
Nagini attacks  Mr. W Cho now
madly in
Firehead. *
. . ~
16 NOV Cho
Rita Returns

Black Marks
H of P
match – Umbridge etc.– Cho-
– concs about scar – sees
Nag attack MrW
Row – re: skipping Snape lessons –
Harry really in doghouse – he angry.
Overview into Xmas Herm contacts
Rita – Hogsmeade Xmas shopping
Nagini got in, Vol has
confirmation of Bode’s story –
only he and Harry can touch the prophecy
Cho kiss? Ginny worried about father Ron + rest Ws called in  to be told  of father’s injury reactions – ?another meeting? overview Row about Harry not going Hagrid still getting
17 DEC Rita Returns Snape lesson
Hogsmeade/Xmas shopping/
they meet Rita
Rita information ‘Missy’ slip kiss Harry now avoiding Cho
a bit – Ginny + s.o. else?
. O of P Another lesson Hagrid hospital wing

St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
St. Mungo’s visit Xmas Eve –

see Bode (Macnair visiting)

see Lockhart
see Mr. Weasley Neville———————————

very vivid – could see his name
Ginny + Dad
————– —————. ——————–.
DEC Xmas
Place Chris

. Bode dead
Hall of P again
Herm +Krum Ginny + boyf Ron ??? ??? Sirius here
Big reunion
. . .
20 JAN Extended Powers of Elvira Umbridge Harry misses match v. Hufflepuff Order of Phoenix now being hunted suspected by Umbridge– Why weren’t they @ match      Snape lesson? Harry fighting
increasingly strong
. got to hear Sirius + Lupin O of P
big meeting
Snape lesson H can mention H of Prophecy Hagrid out of hospital now – going into forest armed with spikes, etc.
21 FEB (Valentine’s day) with Cho.
Hogsmeade – Trelawney out –
Firenze replaces in nick of
^@   time.  Rita reports back on
Bode, etc    Snape lesson?
visions but not
very successfully
Valentine date with Cho –  is
miserable –  #
they could row
firehead O of P ? .
22 FEB Cousin Grawp Snape lesson?
Umbridge now really going for
Hagrid – Firenze teaching
prophets + prophecies – HRH go to warn Hagrid of Umbridge – see meet Grawp
. . going O of P ?
Snape going ape at Harry because he can’t do it
MARCH (Treason) Easter – discovery
of OofP – Dumbledore
takes the rap xx – Azkaban
Harry starting to get it –
blocking out
Cho wants
back with Harry–
another row
here . Snape grudgingly approves ???
(arrow down)
(Careers Guidance)
Career consultation – Auror
Order of Phoenix
continues – Ginny has ??? on the wall in temper Snape lesson
Harry starting to get it . firehead See Plot Meeting
things hotting
up w. F+G
. Hagrid clinging onto job refusing to abandon
Other canon
Revision of the plan of Order of the Phoenix
Abbreviation OP Plan


Pensieve (Comments)

  • whitehound

    I believe that the square you’ve rendered as “Harry still skipping – Snape ?????” should actually be “Harry still skipping Snape – not going”, with the hyphen and “not going” being squeezed in as an afterthought so that the hyphen has ended up at the side instead of the end.

    I’m also about 80% sure that the little squiggle after “Snape grudgingly approves” says “ish”, meaning that he sort of approves, but not strongly, in the same way that something “sweetish” is only mildly sweet. You do occasionally hear people here in the UK use “ish” as if it were a stand-alone word – e.g.: “Was it a good film?” “Ish.”

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