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The Warlock's Hairy Heart

'"Warlock's Hairy Heart" is really ... quite gothic.  It's quite dark, that one.  And Voldemort would've done well to know that story before he set out on his campaign of terror.'
-- J.K. Rowling (PC/JKR1)


This dark, “gothic” tale tells of a young warlock who removes his own heart by terrible Dark Arts to protect himself from the foolishness of love. When he meets a witch who he wants to win for himself, his folly results in the both of their deaths.


Other Canon Notes


  • the mad warlock
  • his two servants
  • the warlock's elderly parents
  • the beautiful, skilled, wealthy witch

Items and other details:

  • the hairy heart
  • crystal casket

Characters Introduced

TBB — The Warlock's Hairy Heart
Abbreviation TBB/WHH
Canonicity Primary Canon


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