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The Magic Behind Harry Potter

"I have no track with these people, these very anally retentive people, who don't crack the spine when they read a book. I say crack the spine and read it because that's what it's there for."
-- J.K. Rowling (CBS)

Leslie Stahl’s “60 Minutes” interview with Rowling, 12 June 2003.

Interesting facts and notes

"I used to collect names of plants that sounded witchy, and then I found this, 'Culpeper's Complete Herbal,' and it was the answer to my every prayer: flax weed, toadflax, fleawort, Gout-wort, grommel, knotgrass, Mugwort."

"She showed 60 Minutes a photocopy from a textbook when she was teaching in Portugal, scrawled with notes. "This was what I was supposed to be doing with the children, and on the back, you've got all the ghosts for Griffendor."

The Magic Behind Harry Potter
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